Notification Pro Review

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Notification Pro Review

I wanna ask you a simple question : what is the first thing you do when you log in to Facebook ?

Well if you like 90% of people in the world chances are the first thing you do when you log into Facebook is you click to see your notifications, if you can see that Facebook has people trained to compose a weak link to little red number in the upper hand corner on their website, people will click to view their notifications with out even thinking about it as soon as they log in, but what if you can harness this Facebook benefits and use it to contact your list in a way that you never could before .

If you can see traditionally marketers contact their list via email and an autoresponder, the problem with that is when you email a contact you have to go through spam filters you have the on a responder itself telling you what kinds of things you can and cannot send, you have email bounces, you have sign ups that were made with the fake email addresses, you have a lot of problems to get through just to get your message to your contact.

 Notification Pro
 notification pro

Because of all these things the all marketers who use the email are normally happy with his law in 18% open rate, no think about that 18% this means if you send out 8000 emails only a 118 even be opened and read this also means that over 80% of your list is a complete waste, over 80% of your email list will never ever read any email it means over 80% your marketing efforts are a complete waste, however with Facebook notifications none of these problems exist there are no spam filters with Facebook notifications and Facebook itself he's not gonna tell you what kind of tax you can and cannot send with the Facebook notification and people compulsively click notification icon as soon as you send them one has a these things a notification getting equivalent 90% open right if you send out 8000 notifications 900 or more are those notifications will be open and read, that's right Facebook notifications and sending them to contact your list is 4 times more effective than traditional email marketing.

Notification pro is a full featured on a responder built around a Facebook notifications allows you to build up your list by creating one click sign up Facebook buttons that you can put on any website you own or manage allows you to send out notifications to your entire list at anytime you want it allows you to send mail to your list by gender or by how often people click on your notifications it even has autoresponder functionality that lets you create sequences of notifications that automatically go out doing your marketing for you on autopilot i will take a minute and show you exactly how it works :

With traditional email marketing you are lucky to get 18% or 19% open rate when you send an email with this means is a 80% or more of your marketing average are complete waste but with notification pro and Facebook notifications you can get plus than 80% open trade, this means that your email and facebook marketing efforts are 4 times more affected at a minimum. Unless you're happy with wasting 80% .

Have your effort you only to yourself to click below and get started right now:

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